Ed Money

Late Night with Ed Money was the idea of a good buddy James Deemer who worked for a station in Chicago called Hocking Radio. He was a classic DJ with a hokey name but kept asking for me to be a DJ. Honestly, I am not one of those turntable scratching guys and repeatedly told him no. I said unless I can voice my opinion and mirror the kings like Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony what’s the point. Well, needless to say he said yes do it. One thing led to another and boom I was on their network. But life is short lived and I was quickly let go after, believe it or not, the network got scared that a sponsor would pull itself. I thought that since I was on the Internet and FCC shouldn’t be worried, but it’s the people that become scary. See I figured going to terrestrial radio is fine but I don’t want to be stuck working for a station that is worried the FCC is going to shut them down if I said the word Poop. Bullshit on that, and again boom the Phrase “Real People, Real Conversations, Real Life.” But who will listen, again as luck will have it Rick White from www.ktradio.org started talking to me and liked what he heard. So the merger between “Radio without Rules” and my sorry ass began. Quickly Moose, D.B. and Sober came in line and the show is cooking along and Ed Money’s Late Night began to take shape. And so the train wreck begins. @edmoneylive