Meet the Staff

Val & Chris Byron: They are an amazing addition to the show that brings us to a great crew of comedians. Ever with the witty remarks and come backs to any joke both of these Foodies love to sample new products and give great reviews. Byron with his quick jabs and Val with her snappy pokes and infectious laughter makes them an amazing funny couple for the show. They helped take the show to it’s tipping point putting us in the direction of success.Val and Byron for visit

CPAP Chuck from Crossface: Chuck is a great gateway to the music scene since on a weekly basis he is playing in clubs and arenas to countless people. His knowledge of the industry is a valuable resource to spot the talent and move conversations with our musical guests. Equally is a quick witted humor putting him into the level of Robin Williams on spontaneous spot on punchlines. Not only is his laugh infectious but his view of the world does nothing but make you giggle.Chuck with the filling pullers

Rangus the Emergency Prepper: Rangus is not what some would call a conspiracy nut, just ever watchful of what is our personal rights and liberties. His dedication to possible impending doom makes him a valuable knowledge base of laws and regulations not only dealing with Conceal Carry Material but everything as a whole. Balance with this is another person with infectious laughter that still has the ability to laugh at life’s silly people. Plus if doom really does come I’d be willing to bet he has a Snicker’s bar stashed in his vehicle with MRE’s to spare.Rangus with Byron

Soundman Gary: Soundman Gary joined our crew after listening to the show for a year and decided he wanted to be apart of the fun. His talent for sound is amazing since his company Contempt Media Group records musicians all the time. His insanity is mainly expressed off the mic but between him and CPAP Chuck the bands are covered for sure. Making the show jump to the next level is his goal and you will love his humor.

A1 Understudy Wayne: A1 Understudy Wayne was a listener that loved the show so much that once we had him on to see us in action we knew he would be a great addition. His off beat sense of humor and comedic timing is perfect for when Soundman Gary or CPAP Chuck need a break and he, like us has a slanted view of the world and laughs the whole time. You will love his stories and way how he keeps us on our toes from an audience member’s point of view!!