Show #349 04-07-16

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This episode is filled with laughter from the beginning, first we are happy because Val has the opportunity to return to the show and she has plenty of energy with her. Rangus punches the mic volume with several sneezes and then a laughter filled segment of our thoughts on what Star Wars would have been like if it was done in the style of St. Patty’s Day and it has us hooked till the end of the show. Great new tunes including one ending the show from Law of Three, “Ode to the Ocean”. What a talented group, well worth a listen!!! Remember to check out the new Youtube Channel, “Late Night with Ed Money” for the updates and product reviews. Look for more great shows and new guests with new promos and stuff heading your way!! Remember to use the “Edmoney” promo code at Adam & Eve to get your goodies!!! Thanks for supporting the show! Follow me on twitter @edmoneylive and live tweet during the show!!!>>Val in front of micSneezingForce Awakens Pichappy-leprechaun-8230920UFOSetup__38892.1417734293.386.513

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