Show #352 04-28-16

Ed Money Live = Show #352 04-28-16 - Download This Episode

Finally after moving and getting this somewhat in place I am able to get the shows up and rocking. This show is packed with one liners and humorous hits by the guys. I rant about people want me to play their stuff but they want me to pay for it. I will gladly play music on the show but don’t charge me for your tune!! I enter with a beautiful woman Brinn Black’s tune “Crushin’” Well worth a listen and there are way too many great stories to mention. Great returning show!! Follow Brinn Black @brinnblack and mention us and say hi to her!! Remember to check out the new Youtube Channel, “Late Night with Ed Money” for the updates and product reviews. Look for more great shows and new guests with new promos and stuff heading your way!! Remember to use the “Edmoney” promo code at Adam & Eve to get your goodies!!! Thanks for supporting the show! Follow me on twitter @edmoneylive and live tweet during the show!!!>>BrinnBlackcrushincoverKotion Headphonesmidnight_specialMichael+Shannon+Young+Ones+Premiere+Arrivals+YX92um4esu6lBurping_Calvin_by_R2Rtist723UFOSetup__38892.1417734293.386.513

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