Show #353 05-05-16

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Finally we are back on track and got a show right before the move to the new studio. Things are hectic without Byrons but we manage. We enter with new music from a friend of the show Sourblossom with their tune “Like I would” and exit with the amazingly beautiful Brianna Fletcher and her tune “Waste Time” and follow both of them at @sourblossomband and @brifletcher and mention you heard their tunes on the show. We briefly mention a local will work for food guy that actually makes a ton of money standing on a corner and food trucks. So much to mention and you just have to hear the show to hit it all. Funny Great show!! Remember to check out the new Youtube Channel, “Late Night with Ed Money” for the updates and product reviews. Look for more great shows and new guests with new promos and stuff heading your way!! Remember to use the “Edmoney” promo code at Adam & Eve to get your goodies!!! Thanks for supporting the show! Follow me on twitter @edmoneylive and live tweet during the show!!!>>Brianna FletcherSour Blossom Photowork for foodFood Truck40214059-hot-dog-cartoon-tailgating-with-beer-and-bbq-cartoon-characterUFOSetup__38892.1417734293.386.513

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