Show #357 06-23-16

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We have a great opportunity to have our partners Beacon, Candi, & Quinn from Magic-Flight on the show and they talk us through some of their fantastic products. Chuck grills me on not having a “job” as he sees it and our guests keep the laughs coming. We enter the show with new tunes from J.R. Byrd off his album “Gnarly Bear” and exit with Angelina’s tune “48 Bars” off her album “From the Underground to the Grammys”. What a great show with our sponsor/guests!!! Remember to check out the new Youtube Channel, “Late Night with Ed Money” for the updates and product reviews. Look for more great shows and new guests with new promos and stuff heading your way!! Remember to use the “Edmoney” promo code at Adam & Eve to get your goodies!!! Thanks for supporting the show! Follow me on twitter @edmoneylive and live tweet during the show!!!>>Byrd-26Hot Asian Woman 2Cavs Photo 2016 Angelina Back Cover-ED1Chuck & Byron in hats and ghetto phones01 mflb-monocle-mainUFOSetup__38892.1417734293.386.513

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