Show #358 06-30-16

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This show starts out by the guys jabbing me out trimming the bushes outside my house and Chuck thinks he immediately has gotten bitten by bugs living in there, followed by the Olympics and how everyone is canceling due to the Zika Virus. Story after story and then we do our first commercial for our friends at Magic-Flight and the show just keeps on getting funnier after that. Great Laughs and a good show with music from Pamela Rose Rodriquez and Kyle Lucas, follow them both on Twitter @pamelarosemusic and @kylelucas and mention the show!!! Remember to check out the new Youtube Channel, “Late Night with Ed Money” for the updates and product reviews. Look for more great shows and new guests with new promos and stuff heading your way!! Remember to use the “Edmoney” promo code at Adam & Eve to get your goodies!!! Thanks for supporting the show! Follow me on twitter @edmoneylive and live tweet during the show!!!>>pamelaroserodriguezitsall aroundzika virusolympic ringstrimming busheschuck being bitten by mosquito kylelucasChuck & Byron in hats and ghetto phones01 mflb-monocle-mainUFOSetup__38892.1417734293.386.513

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